Evangelist Wayne was called by God to the End Time Harvest. God has deposited an End Time word in him that will prepare the Body of Christ to become the Church without spot or blemish.  


Evangelist Wayne is gifted and operates in the gift of Healing and is a firm believer that God wants to Restore the Family and Relationships in this dispensation of Grace.


Evangelist Wayne and Becoming Kingdom Ready loves taking the Gospel to the Streets and will help your Church with Evangelism.



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Wayne Turner



Born in 1959, I grew up in the projects of Boyle Heights in the East Side of L.A. I was raised by my mother, Maggie. And I have 2 bothers and my sister Gwen. My mother was backslidden as I was growing up which caused me to become involved in Gangs and Drugs at an early age. I went to Dolores Mission School and was kicked out in the 5th grade. I then went to 2nd Street Elementary School and it was here were I joined a Gang. The year was 1969 and I was 10 years old. It was at this time that my life took it's turn toward Rebellion and Crime. With no adult supervision I first got arrested when I was 13 yrs. old. Growing up in the projects," Aliso Village" was all I knew. Never having a childhood because of my involvement with the Gang. I quickly adapted to a life of crime and had many arrest. Oh, I forgot to mention that even though my mother was backslidden as I was growing up, I come from a long line of Pastors, Preachers and Teachers. One of them was my Grandmother. My Grandmother was a Mighty Woman of God. I remember thanksgiving dinners at her home where all the family would come and there be Doctrinal Wars going on at the dinner table. And I now believe that my Grandmother was praying for me. It was only a matter of time before God would get hold of me and transform my life. I continued down that dark road and at 19 yrs. old I was shot and I almost died. I got hit a 1/4 in. away from my spine. The doctors said that if I would've been 5 mins. later that I would've died. But that still didn't stop me. You see my mom would periodically tell me about Jesus, but I was so involved in myself and the Gang life that I wouldn't pay attention. After moving out of the projects I tried to live a different life but couldn't because I never really cut out the Gang and the Drugs. Many other things took place in my life and if I were to try and put it all here it would be a book. So fast forward to 1993 when I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I vividly remember my encounter with Jesus and knew without a doubt that He saved me when I asked Him to forgive my sins and to come into my life. I know that I was instantly delivered from the drugs and all I wanted to do was to tell everybody that Jesus had saved me. I called Maggie and told her I had given my life to Jesus and she was overcome with joy. She began to praise God and thank Him for saving her son. I will never forget her reaction. R.I.P. mama. However, I soon fall away and was in and out of Church for many years. I live a lot of years, as a Christian, very unstable. But I was always in the word. Even being in and out of church and fellowship with God I'd still pick up the word and read it. About 16 yrs ago an Evangelist from Argentina came and preached at a church we were visiting. The message dealt with the call of God on one’s life. The altar call was an invite to ministry and I didn't respond because after being in and out of church so often, I never thought that God would use someone like me. The Evangelist called me out from the audience and prophetically spoke over my life and said that I would be an End Time Evangelist. Then Years when by and it happened again. Another Prophetic word was spoken and it also spoke of my End Time appointment. On April 28 2009 I walked through the doors of the Los Angeles Mission and enroll in the Urban Training Institute, wanting to kick my addiction to crack cocaine. It was here at the Mission that God begin to show me that my time had come. Since walking through those gates at the L.A. Mission I have answered the call and been walking in the Anointing and Purpose that God has for my life. I was ordained in June 2009. and God has entrusted me with Becoming Kingdom Ready, a nonprofit faith based Gang and Drug Intervention Ministry founded in Oct. of 2009. I'm a member of Praise Chapel Los Angeles, under the leadership of Pasror Ruben and Meg Nuno.  I have studied God's word for about 15 yrs through the teaching ministry of Chuck Smith. I have taken courses in Biblical Studies through Emmaus Correspondence School, I have also taken courses in Pastoral Studies through Mt. Zion Bible Institute . In Sept.2010, I became a
" Certified Substance Abuse Counselor " through the Association Of Christian Drug And Alcohol Counselors Institute. On June 9.2011 I was certified as a " Drug Prevention Specialist " through The Foundation for a Drug Free World in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
I have mentored and counseled adults and youth. I have a passion for gang members and drug addicts. But especially the families that have been torn apart by them. Just like my family was, due to my past lifestyle. Wayne has 5 adult children and reside in Los Angeles, CA. 90042


Is When You Take People Where Their At, And Get Them To Where God Wants Them To Be.

Love And Service

BKR Gang and Drug Intervention Program

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